Your biorhythm and the creation of content as a hobby alongside your job


Well, some people wonder how besides a full-time job as an employee, you can pursue such a time-consuming hobby as the creation of digital content. That is similar to a part-time self-employment, just without a profit intention.

You can find out how to do that successfully in this post!

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The normal job

I will not give any details about my employment here. However, I can confirm that I don’t have a fixed 35-hour week or anything like that. It’s more like a couple of hours. Furthermore, I am often on business trips in and partly outside of Germany.

Against this background, starting in October 2018, I was asked how I should divide my private time to create my content, e.g., blogs part-time. In addition to working hours and business trips, this, of course, also depends on your biorhythm! If you are a parent, there is also the family factor! I cannot contribute anything here because I am single and can, therefore, freely decide on my private life.

Lark or owl?

I have noticed over the years that I am more of a “lark” type, i.e., an early bird. I have no problem getting up at around 4 a.m. and being fit without coffee, energy drinks, etc. by 9 p.m. However, I want to emphasize this not only on the factors of being rested and awake, but also on the ability to concentrate. In other words: to be able to work efficiently on a topic.

Therefore, you could simply say: If you are of the “Lark” type, then get up a little earlier and create your content before the main job. If you are of the “owl” type, skip Netflix for like two hours in the evening and keep yourself busy with your hobby or startup until late at night! But it is not that simple! Because if you have a very demanding job, you often cannot do it this way. That is the case with me. I have a job like that. Therefore you have to e.g., As an early bird, consider other factors so that you can be highly concentrated in the morning.

So take a look at how your working hours are and how your workload, tasks, projects, and submission deadlines fluctuate. If you do no project work at all, it can e.g., be that you carry out repetitive activities for a long time, and in the evening, although you are of the “owl” type, fall asleep half-dead on the sofa in front of the television. Then it is first not advisable to then deal with the creation of content or even your start-up.

Every beginning is difficult, but …

First, try the standard principle: If you are of the “lark” type, get up a little earlier and do the things before regular work. For example, I get up between 3:45 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. (also on weekends) and try to do this as regularly as possible! If you are more of the “owl” type, then sit down in the evening. Then you have to create some freedom by setting priorities.

Do that very strict for a few weeks and have a look at your results. Were you able to concentrate well? What is your error rate? Did you have a blockage that prevents you from continuing? Do you keep looking at your smartphone instead of continuing? Or are you just too tired and tired to concentrate? Then adjust these times flexibly!

Flexible adjustments

Check out the next day or the whole week. Where are there gaps? Where do you have to prepare yourself (mentally) a little more for the working day? What are your appointments in the evening? Do you have to go on a business trip? Are you cold or very sick? Is the laundry to be washed or something else to be done in the household?

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Think about these questions and respond accordingly. Use any gaps to relax, but also to work on your hobby or start-up if you feel fit enough! Let go of the reins as a “lark” in the morning if you have an important deadline at work! Get up in peace. Slowly drink your coffee. Listen to yourself: are you able today to concentrate on your planned leisure activities? If not, let five be straight. Work duties have priority, and this is not the end of the world.

If you have appointments in the evening, keep them. However, don’t fall back into the old rut and keep taking opportunities just so you don’t have to keep working! You won’t get ahead with this and the start-up is doomed to fail! As always, a healthy mix is the right thing! A little bit of sport is also part of it! Or at least a walk! However, the tendency must clearly point towards your independence! Certain sacrifices are easy to make. Do not miss out!

Do you have to go on a business trip, think about where there are gaps that you can fill with activities for your hobby or startup! Have you answered any urgent emails related to your employment? Do you have your presentation ready for tomorrow? Then relax a bit on the train, hotel or in the city and then sit down a bit with your laptop. Listen to relaxation music. Have a cup of tea or your after-work beer. You can do that if you only want to!

The health

If you are in poor health, you have an obligation to your employer to get well as quickly as possible! The double load is higher than the normal load on your body. So take a short break. Relax until you can fully attack again! Don’t break yourself and your body! It just doesn’t work.

If you have a few things to do, try to plan them in advance. Take a fixed time. Ideally between two phases of concentration. Get off after your normal job and take away the old glass. Go shopping. Put the laundry in the washing machine. Watch the news and a YouTube video and then sit back in your home office! With this principle you can kill several birds with one stone! Alternating phases of activity and relaxation.

The most important factor: the discipline

Be disciplined and persevere! Take small breaks again and again! Do you continue writing a blog post, and you spell out one misspelling after the other? Do you have a blockage? Then you should temporarily deal with something else that has nothing to do with the start-up. E.g., do necessary but straightforward routine activities. Create research and notes for your next YouTube video. You have to do all of these things too.

My experience so far

You can see progress in your content over time. That inspires! Suddenly there is more energy available than you think! It’s just fun! You are already looking forward to the next morning or after work to continue! It makes it easier for you to stay on the ball.


Try to find your scheme for you! Be flexible! It always turns out differently than you think, and you have to react accordingly! Don’t break yourself and stay tuned. Then it’s fine!

Here we go!

Have fun and good luck with your hobby or startup! 🙂


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