Mission Statement and Vision


In this blog, I want to give you an insight into one of my hobbies, which is creating digital content of all kinds about Chrome OS.

I’ll show you how you can run a startup based on Chrome OS.

Image: pixabay

I don’t run a startup myself, but I do very similar things in my favorite hobby besides traveling. I put a lot of time and energy into it because I just enjoy it a lot, and it’s a great balance for my regular work. Of course, the aspect of monetization is missing, but this should not be an object of my content here either. If you are just interested in that, I will refer you to others.

The blog not only deals with the technical side of content creation, but also e.g., organizational aspects such as managing a digital office.

My vision is to get you excited about Google’s Chrome OS and make it more comfortable for you in your startup when using it.

As a fan of Chrome OS, I create free content for private and self-employed people in my free time, i.e., without any profit intention:

  • E-books
  • Blogs
  • Videos on Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo (the latter as backup)
  • Courses on Udemy
  • T-shirt and sticker designs for merchandising

All of this happens in a variety of ways on Chrome OS, using tools that I’ll cover in this blog.

In addition, I will describe everything around using the example of some services, but of course also name alternatives that I use myself or have just evaluated:

  • Accounting systems
  • Digital mailboxes
  • Digital invoice management (such as GETMYINVOICES)
  • Tax declaration software or apps
  • Cyber insurance
  • Creating documents and e-books using Google G Suite as business software
  • Project management tools (such as Wrike)
  • The equipment I use (hardware and software) such as cameras, microphones, lighting, photo editing, video editing, … and how to integrate them under Chrome OS.
  • Blogging with WordPress (such as Raidboxes)

The content of this blog is not ad-supported and completely free of charge. Therefore, you can find what you are most interested in and benefit from my experience without annoying banners and pop-ups.

Also, if you have any questions about how you can integrate or migrate the Apple or Windows hardware and software of your co-workers into Google’s platform around Chrome OS: always gladly! Always bring it on! I’ll go into that. 🙂

So: welcome to this blog!