Everything you need to know about blogging on Chrome OS


Are you an active blogger, and you use Windows 10 or macOS as the basis for your tools? Then you’re probably wondering how this can work under Chrome OS!

Or are you just starting to blog, and maybe heard of bloggers who do it with a Chromebook and swear by it? Now you ask yourself how to do this concretely?

Image: pixabay

With this post, I want to start a series that shows how to blog under Chrome OS. For this, I begin with concrete, practical examples based on my blogs and will post more possibilities, experiences about tools and instructions over time. Of course I will gladly answer your questions!

Parts of the series

  • Using WordPress
  • Creating a logo for your blog
  • Installing a theme from Themegrill
  • Optimizing the English language
  • Translating texts in good quality
  • Optimizing a foreign language
  • Creating screenshots
  • Adding annotations to images
  • Optimizing images (size, remove Exif information, …)
  • Recording screen contents as video
  • Managing materials of posts


The corresponding links will follow step by step and not necessarily in the given order.

It can always be that new parts are being added or that something in the series changes to stay up to date.

My blogs as concrete examples

chrome your startup global
Your guide to Chrome OS as the basis for digital content creation and online marketing”
[this blog]

chrome your startup
Dein Wegweiser für Chrome OS als Basis für Digital Content Creation und Online Marketing
[German version of this blog]

chrome your lin*droid experience global
Your guide to Chrome OS and its Android & Linux apps”

chrome your lin*droid experience
Dein Wegweiser für Chrome OS und dessen Android- & Linux-Apps”
[German version of chrome your lin*droid experience global]

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