Blogging on Chrome OS: Using WordPress


The popular content management system WordPress is great to use on a Chromebook with Chrome OS. It’s perfect for it!

Why is Chrome OS perfect for it?

You need a browser, and you are ready to go. Chrome OS comes with its own browser Chrome. The operating system is highly optimized for using Chrome and trimmed for its performance.

WordPress on a Chromebook
Image: own screenshot of the author

While Chrome sometimes may not work well on Windows 10 or macOS on weaker systems, Chrome runs comparatively fast, even on cheaper Chrome OS devices. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive Chromebook to start blogging!

What do I need to be aware of under Chrome OS?

In principle nothing, when it comes to the pure use of WordPress.

Of course, you also have to provide content for your posts. But this is another topic with many facets!

What about content provisioning on Chrome OS?

That is also no problem! There are many, mostly free tools you can use online or offline on a Chromebook to provide content for your posts. I will go into this in the next parts of this series!

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