About me


Brisbane, 2015


My name is Ravolos aka Marcel, and I started this blog in 2020.

Fitting to the blog, I want to call myself a real “Google Sheep.

I am also incredibly travel-addicted and open-minded.



Here I would like to concentrate only on the essentials.

I think I’ve already done quite a bit:

  • German secondary school, apprenticeship, basic military service, technical diploma, studied twice and worked my way up to IT project manager.
  • I was in the sports club: Soccer, swimming, and athletics. As a trainer, supervisor, referee, youth leader, …
  • So, I have done several volunteer jobs. I like to help people.
  • My hobbies over the years: playing PC games, listening to music, hanging out with people, disco going, reading, traveling, blogging.

I used to travel quite a bit. Now I’m permanently on the road making a living regardless of location, partly with content on Chrome OS. I want to share the experiences I gather along the way. 😉

Here and in the future, on my blog “Ravolos around the world,” you can find out more about me. [Launch Q4 2021, German, perhaps later EN, also]

I am also active on YouTube, Instagram & Co and would like to exchange with like-minded people.

Ravolos around the world

Mine so far visited countries:

Source: amCharts

USA 2019 — Ten cities in 18 days (privately):

USA 2019: 10 Cities in 18 days (privately)

2019 with my Pixelbook at Google in Mountain View (privately):

2019 with my Pixelbook at Google in Mountain View (privately)

Ravolos aka Marcel

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10/26/2021: I revised and expanded the content as a fresh digital nomad.